Sheger FM Radio: The 7th Leza Listeners’ Choice Award Winners

ADDIS ABABA (Semonegna)–Sheger FM Radio’s Leza Radio Show* has held its 7th round Leza Listeners’ Choice Award Hilton Hotel in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on October 12, 2017.

Synonymous to The People’s Choice Awards of North America, Leza Listeners’ Choice Award is an Ethiopia awards show, recognizing the Ethiopian artists and their contribution to the country’s art and culture, voted on by the general public.

The 7th Leza Listeners’ Choice Award Winners

Best TV Series: Zemen

Best Actor: Alemseged Tesfaye (film: Yabedesh Yarada Lij 3)

Best Actress: Zeritu Kebede (film: Taza)

Song of the Year: “Ethiopia” – Teddy Afro

Best New Artist: Dawit Alemayehu

Best Music Video (Clip): Hed Meles (“Weta Fiker”) – Bisrat Surafel

Best Album of the Year: “Ethiopia” – Teddy Afro

Best Feature Film: “Taza” – Kidist Yilma

Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient: Girma Beyene

* Leza Radio Show a daily (except Friday) radio show on Sheger FM 102.5 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, hosted by Journalist Berhanu Digaffe.
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