VIDEO: Abeje Yenehun Mersha: Flying Robots, Fundamental Components of Future Society (TEDx Talks)

Abeje Yenehun Mersha on TEDx Talks

Flying Robots, fundamental components of future society | Abeje Yenehun Mersha | TEDxSaxionUniversity

Abeje Y. Mersha: Flying Robots, fundamental components of future society

Aerial Robot specialist Abeje believes flying robots (drones) have got a bad image because they’re used for military operations. Unfairly and unproductive. We should not fear drones but embrace them. We will all own drones in the future, like we all have a smartphone. They will be of great service to us in the future in unthinkable ways.

Abeje Yenehun Mersha is a aerial robot (drone) expert and one of the specialists involved in the recently launched Space53. This is a special test location for drones, which is the first of its kind in the world. He also works at Saxion University of Applied Sciences, where he’s a lecturer/researcher for Mechatronics.

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