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This 20-year plan, AADMP, will enable the development of the electricity distribution network within a 50 km radius of Addis Ababa. It identifies where refurbishment and expansion are needed in order to meet rapidly growing demand, increase reliability of supply, and make use of state-of-the-art technology.

(WSP)–The Addis Ababa Distribution Masterplan Project (AADMP) is a study funded by the African Development Bank to improve distribution-level infrastructure to deliver high-quality and reliable electricity to consumers.   

Whilst there is already a significant amount of investment in the power infrastructure in Addis Ababa, it would benefit from a more coordinated and planned approach. The AADMP ties together ongoing projects and identifies the additional transmission and distribution infrastructure needed to cope with existing and future demand. In addition to US$ 360 million of investment, the AADMP also proposes a significant number of changes to how the network is planned, constructed, operated and maintained. 

According to Ethiopia country manager Oona Nanka-Bruce, producing the masterplan required the collection and analysis of a huge amount of information from various client departments, contractors of committed projects and third-party organizations in Addis Ababa and the surrounding areas. “One of the benefits of setting up a WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff project office in Addis Ababa was close collaboration with the Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP) counterpart team,” said Oona. “It made it much easier to collect the data and carry out technology transfer between our employees and the client’s staff.” 

WSP gave regular workshops on the reports issued during the different phases of the work, plus a four-week training workshop in the UK for EEP staff and a one-day workshop in Addis Ababa at the end of the study. WSP also presented the findings of the final report to key stakeholders, with considerable media interest.

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The distribution masterplan identified specific projects and network-wide programs that should be implemented in the short- and medium-term in addition to the various ongoing and committed projects in Addis Ababa and the surrounding area. These projects must be implemented promptly to realize the benefit of the study, and we are working with EEP to facilitate the competitive international bidding process.

The distribution masterplan followed on the heels of our successful completion of the World Bank-funded Ethiopian Power Expansion Masterplan, which focused on strategies to upgrade the national power generation and transmission network.

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