VIDEO: Azmero Project Presents 8 Ethiopian Dances

Azmero Project Presents 8 Ethiopian Dances

Presenting 8 Ethiopian Dances

Azmero Project is an acoustic-like band based in Israel, a unique and first of its kind in the country! The band mainly plays musics originally from Ethiopia covering different & classig songs by such great Ethiopian singers as Tilahun Gessesse, Alemayehu Eshete and Mahmoud Ahmed.

Artists from different cultures and different generations come together – and are trying to redefine the identity of Israeli music polishing with Amharic songs, accompanied by acoustic instrument.

In this an almost-15-minute video, the band covers eight different dances of Ethiopia – which has a population with diverse tradition and culture. Collaboration of Solomon Mersha (singer), Getahum Malede (keyboardist) and Fasika Alemu (dancer). The dances covered are: (1) Gonder [Amhara region], (2) Wollo [Amhara region], (3) Tigrigna [Tigray region], (4) Guragigna [Southern region], (5) Oromo [Oromia region], (6) Oromo head dance [Oromia region], (7) Wolayta [Southern region],  and (8) Afar [Afar region].

Source: Azmero Project
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