Ethiopian Biodiversity Institute Held Consultation Workshop on Ethiopian National Network of Botanic Gardens

ADDIS ABABA–Access and benefit sharing consultation workshop, by the Ethiopian Biodiversity Institute, for the Ethiopian National Network of Botanic Gardens and Ex-situ Collection Holders held in Addis Ababa on July 24 and 25, 2017.

During the occasion, Dr. Feleke Woldeyes, Deputy Director-General of Ethiopian Biodiversity Institute (EBI) said that the institute is working to protect the countries genetic resources. In this regard, the Institute is heading on the right track in terms of strengthening its effort.

Dr. Feleke highlighted that Ethiopia has put in place domestic legislation to facilitate access to its genetic resources and ensure fair and equitable benefit sharing.

To put this regulation into action, there must be a working platform for enhanced access and benefit sharing of genetic resources, he noted.

He also pointed out that genetic resources are base for research and development at large.

Mr. Ashenafi Ayenew, Director of Genetic Resource Access and Benefit Sharing Directorate at EBI on his part said the Institute is responsible to ensure that the country’s biodiversity and the associated community knowledge should properly be conserved and sustainably utilized, and its communities get fair and equitable share of benefits arising from their utilization.

To this Ethiopia has issued Access to Genetic Resources and Community Knowledge and Community Rights Proclamation (No.482/2006) and Regulation (169/2009), Mr. Ashenafi said.

He further noted that Ethiopia has acceded to the Nagoya Protocol and developed Code of Conduct to administer the Access and Benefit Sharing issues.

Darwin Initiate project leader and  Director of Global Programmes at Botanic Gardens Conservation International (BGCI), Suzanne Sharrock, said that Ethiopia is well known for its effort in Conserving Biodiversity. She also underlined the importance of strengthening legal frameworks in areas of genetic resources. The same consultation workshop was also held with researchers July 27-28, 2017. Ethiopian Biodiversity Institute is the Focal Institute for Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), representing Ethiopia.

Source: EBI
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