Ethiopian Postal Service Coming up with New Approaches

The Ethiopian Postal Service Enterprise has recently started using “Post Global,” a software system which allows customers to get service easily supported by technology on counter.

By Genet Fekade (The Ethiopian Herald)

Partnering with pertinent bodies, Ethiopian Postal Service Enterprise is now in full gear to deliver additional and new services. It will begin delivering diplomats’ messages and facilitating the dispatching of passports and identity cards to Ethiopians abroad who want to come to Ethiopia. It will also deliver messages of embassies and consulates from allover the world to Foreign Affair Ministry. The organization has finalized the preconditions and will sign an agreement to work together with the main Department for Immigration and Nationality Affairs and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

According to Ziyin Gedlu, Communication Directorate Director within the Enterprise, staff members are ready to expand the passport delivery service across additional states here in the country.

The Ethiopian Postal Service Enterprise will have a power of attorney in helping them out deliver the aforementioned items and messages, she said.

The authority’s presence at every nook and cranny of the country renders it preferable. Currently preparations are finalized to make the service accessible at kebele level. In collaboration with the main department for Immigration and Nationality Affairs, including the main office in seven Regional States’ town and cities, the passport delivery service has been started since last year. Now the enterprise is ready to increase its outreach service of passport delivery in Assosa, Jigjiga, Gambela, and Semera.

In an exclusive interview with Ethiopian Herald, Ziyin told that “The enterprise is rendering its postal service modern from time to time keeping abreast with modern technology. It is linking all nineteen zones in the country with network connection allowing best transactions.”

Now, the Enterprise has started using “Post Global” a software system. The system allows customers to get service easily supported by technology on counter. And the counter is working not only one job but it gives multi-service.

To give successful service on the behalf of other organizations and letting them focus more on their specific jobs, the software has its role. It also contributes to deliver a broad-array of services in one-stop client and clerk approach. This makes the service a refined one, according to Mr. Ziyin.

In the main Postal Service Office and at zonal level this system is set in motion and works are underway to make the system applicable all over enterprise’s offices or stations, which have the infrastructure.

Ziyin further said, the Ethiopian Postal Service Enterprise is flexing muscles to introduce E-commerce system in the nation down the road. E-commerce is a system via which people buy materials online and finally deliver them by postal service. The system is common in other parts of the world as such the enterprise is ambitious to kick start the job.

Source: The Ethiopian Herald