Haramaya University Inaugurates Institute of Technology Expansion Project

PHOTO: Haramaya University

The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (FDRE) President, H.E. Dr. Mulatu Teshome, inaugurated Haramaya University’s Institute of Technology (IoT) expansion project. The project had cost over 284 million Birr to be completed.

The expansion project is composed of workshops and six fully equipped laboratories that totally cost more than 211 million Birr, and a G+3 building with 24 classrooms, 62 offices and computer centers, as well as teachers’ and workers’ lounge with a cost of 73 million Birr.

PHOTO: Haramaya University

At the ceremony, Dr. Mulatu said the Ethiopian Government has special interests to expand the technology and natural science education in order to attain the country’s development goal; and Haramaya University is working hard toward to accomplish that, and is getting encouraging results. “This inauguration,” said the President “could be seen as one of the results”.

Haramaya University (HU) President, Professor Chemeda Fininsa said the completion of the expansion project provides a large potential for the University and the Institute, and pervades the shortage of practical teaching labs and workshops.

IoT Scientific Director, Dr. Asfaw Kebede explained that the institute was established in 1997 E.C, and has graduated more than 4,300 students in engineering fields for the last 12 years with first degree. Currently, over 5500 students are enrolled from first to third degree levels in 10 fields of study.

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Dr. Asfaw said that they are working to develop their human resources and to construct infrastructures; and besides the teaching learning process, they are working with stakeholders in different sectors. He added, “We are also contributing to the development of our country by producing skilled manpower and by conducting cutting-edge research activities together with stakeholders. For instance, with Awash Basin Authority, we are working on the Awash River silt accumulation and related problems”.

According to Dr. Asfaw Kebede the inaugurated facilities will assist they produce well skilled engineers who could be the backbones of our country’s renaissance.

Source: HU
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