Kaliti-Kilinto and Kaliti-Tullu Dimtu Roads to Be Constructed at a Cost of 4.7 Billion Birr

Addis Ababa (ENA)–The construction of ring roads connecting Kaliti Square-Tullu Dimtu and Kaliti Square-Bulbula Kilinto Square around the capital city has started on February 14, 207.

Addis Ababa Roads Authority General Manager, Engineer Habtamu Tegegn said the roads estimated to cost over 4.7 billion birr are 20.6 kilometers long and 40 to 60 meters wide.

The cost of the projects to be completed within 3 years will be covered by Addis Ababa City Administration and with loan  from Exim Bank of China, he added.

Construction of the projects will be undertaken by China Communications Construction Company, it was indicated.

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Kaliti Ring Road Square-Tullu Dimtu Square road, which has been contributing a lot to the country’s import and export trade, is estimated to consume 2.45 billion birr.

Kaliti Ring Road Square-Bulbula-Kilinto Square is expected to cost of 2.33 billion birr.

The roads would provide services for Kilinto Industrial Park, medium size industries and residents.

Beyond accelerating the development activities in the area, they are also expected to play key role in connecting inhabitants living in condominiums in the outskirt of the city to the center, it was learned.

Source: ENA
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