Ministry Emphasizes Need for Building Memorial Museum for Victory of Adwa

Hirut Woldemariam, PHD, Ethiopia's Culture and Tourism Minister

Historian and AAU Emeritus Professor Bahru Zewde, PhD said the construction of a memorial museum for Victory of Adwa will have significant value for the nation as well as for the entire continent. 

ADDIS ABABA (ENA)–The Ministry of Culture and Tourism has stressed the importance of intensifying efforts towards realizing the memorial museum for Victory of Adwa which in turn will help to commonly commemorate the historic battle in a proper manner.

Speaking at a forum organized by the ministry, Culture and Tourism Minister Dr. Hirut Woldemariam said it would be hard to fully introduce and promote the historical significance of the Victory of Adwa in the absence of a memorial museum it deserves.

The reasons for the delay are mainly lack of attention and commitment that have resulted in having no museum for the globally renowned historical event, the Minster pointed out.

Noting that other nations are doing well in introducing and promoting the small history they have as compared to what Ethiopia has, she stated that it is regretful to have no museum for the ever shining glory of black society towards freedom and liberation.

Dr. Hirut further underlined the importance of laying foundation for historical places and events such as the Victory of Adwa to build national image through various ways of teachings for the young generation of the country.

Professor Bahru Zewde, Emeritus Professor of History at Addis Ababa University (AAU), said the construction of a national museum for Victory of Adwa will have significant value for the nation as well as for the entire continent. 

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The memorial museum will also have national contribution for the country’s tourism industry development. 

According to Professor Bahru, setting up such a monument has is really important as it will have not only national but continental and global significance.

Training and educating the young generation on the country’s history and making them aware that their father’s sacrifices helped them live independently is vital, he noted.

Source: ENA
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  1. It is wonderful!! We Ethiopians have many glories history, but we have not yet introduce well for the rest world! This is a good beginning I want to admire the action!!

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