Ministry of Science and Technology Hosts a National Exhibition

ADAMA, Ethiopia (ASTU)–Ethiopia’s Ministry of Science and Technology (MoST) hosted its 3rd National Exhibition with a theme, “Science, Technology and Innovation for Rapid Structural Transformation and Sustainable Development in Ethiopia.” The Exhibition was held from 13 to 15 November, 2017 at MoST compound in Addis Ababa.

In the Exhibition, different public and private organizations participated. Researchers and innovators have shown their ability to create, develop and make practical use of new scientific discoveries that contribute for the national economic growth.

The exhibition was officially opened by Deputy Prime Minister, H.E. Mr. Demeke Mekonnen. On his opening speech Mr. Demeke said that public higher learning institutions, research institutes, private sectors constitute an essential part in creating new technologies and innovation. But they need to have closer links to business and the public sector in order to find practical applications for new scientific discoveries and to transfer knowledge. He also urged relevant government offices to establish value chain system for these public institutions and private sectors.

Exhibition presenters from Adama Science and Technology University (ASTU) displayed multipurpose cutting and grinding machine for ceramic, terrazzo, tiles, metals, wood and floor covering materials, ceramic water filter, automated electronic switch, vital event recording software, health center clinic management system and different architectural models.

H.E. Eng. Dr. Getahun Mekuria, Minister for Ministry of Science and Technology mentioned that the Ministry is providing substantial support to researchers and innovators once their proposal is accepted and believed to enhance the socio-economic development of the country. He added that identifying successful innovative ideas and spreading of best practices among universities, research institutes and the society at large would be given much attention by the Ministry.

The National Exhibition was concluded on November 18, 2017 at African Union Hall by awarding best researchers and innovators from different public and private sectors.

Source: ASTU
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