VIDEO: Mama Fresh ― Taking the Ethiopian Staple Injera Global

Mama Fresh (PHOTO: Flickr)

Small company, Mama Fresh, takes the Ethiopian staple Injera global

Small company takes the Ethiopian staple Injera global

(CGTN Africa)–In Ethiopia, no meal is complete without Injera, a gluten-free flat bread made from a mixture of teff cereal flour and water. Entrepreneur Hailu Tessema has introduced this local staple to the rest of the world through his company Mama Fresh. In 2015 the business was recognized as Ethiopia’s leading small enterprise exporter.

When the Hailu Tessema family started their business making injera – a staple in Ethiopia, their target market was residents who lived near the factory, but 15 years later the bakery has a growing market of clients abroad.

Mama fresh specializes in packaging various Ethiopian dishes, including chicken sauce and spices, but the Injera remains one of its fastest moving products.

Injera is a fermented spongy bread made from teff, a cereal that looks like wheat and has a sour taste. It is baked on a clay plate and is largely consumed in Ethiopia and Eritrea.

Teff is even being referred to as a ‘superfood’ for its nutritional values and is in high demand in health-food shops and stores in the west.

The founder and general manager at Mama Fresh, Hailu Tessema, said from 2014 until now they have been looking for the international business.

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