Zambia Repatriates 147 Former Ethiopian Convicts to Their Homeland

A total of 147 former Ethiopian convicts who were recently pardoned by President Edgar Lungu of Zambia have successfully been repatriated to their home country.

The 147 comprise 145 men and 2 women who were serving various jail sentences in various Zambian correctional facilities across the country since 2011.

The excited former Ethiopian prisoners departed at the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport aboard a ET863 Ethiopian Airlines plane at about 13:35 hours.

And International Organization for Migration (IOM) Zambia Communications Focal Point Officer, Bertha Nguvulu explained that the 147 were repatriated under the IOM Assisted Voluntary Repatriation (AVR) exercise.

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Ms Nguvulu said the repatriation exercise cost about $150,000 and follows the joint agreement between the governments of Zambia and Ethiopia.

And the former Ethiopian convicts praised President Edgar Lungu, Minister of Home Affairs Steven Kampyongo and the Zambia Correctional Services (ZCS) Commissioner General Percy Chato for attaching great importance to the welfare of prisoners in the country.

In a joint interview with ZANIS at the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport, Biruk Alemu, 35, and Abudulahi Debiso, 25, said the Zambia Correctional Facilities have taught them how to love humanity.

The two said while in prison, they learned to love God and respect the rule of law and expressed hope that they will be received with love in their home country.

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