HEALTH: Ethiopia to Present a New Smoking Ban Proclamation for Parliament

ADDIS ABABA (WMC)–Ethiopia prepares to present a new draft proclamation that prohibits smoking of tobacco and shisha/hookah in public places, Federal Attorney General disclosed.

Law drafting, studies and inculcation directorate director, Belayhun Yirga told WMC that the Federal Attorney General is ready to present a new smoking ban proclamation for approval of the parliament in the next year.

The new draft proclamation is different from the directive of public smoking ban ratified by the parliament during 2014 budget year, Belayhun underscored.

The new draft proclamation seriously prohibits anyone or anybody from smoking of tobacco, shisha/hookah, and alcoholic drinking and chewing of chat at public places without authorized license.

According to Belayehun, the aim of the attorney general is lawmaking in different sectors and issues of the country that have gaps form of law. The new proclamation is targeted to reduce the harm of different addictions on youth part of the population.

Belayehun noted that Food, Medicine and Health Care Administration and Control Authority of Ethiopia (FMHACA) is the main authorized body expected to supervise the implementation of the new proclamation.

The minister’s council regulation number 299/2006 has declared a directive that forbids smoking  of tobacco  in work and public places  such as  hotels, night clubs, restaurants, work places, cinemas, tourist sites, youth centers, metro stations and terminals, hospital and schools.

Source: WMC
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