Jimma University Delegate Visits Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Iran

PHOTO: Jimma University

Jimma University (JU) Officials paid a visit to TUMS from 20th -24th of November, 2016 with the main aim of establishing collaboration in line with the realization of JU’s vision. This time around JU took a further step in its efforts towards internationalization by expanding its collaboration in Asia. Accordingly, Professor Fikre Lemessa, the President of the University and the Director of International Affairs Mr. Ermyas Admasu traveled to Iran to visit TUMS. The delegates met top officials of the university and also visited different schools and facilities of the university as well as some of the many Hospitals under the university.

On the occasion, MoU was signed by the President of Jimma University, Prof. Dr. Fikre Lemessa and the Chancellor of TUMS, Prof. Dr. Ali Jafarian to cooperate on areas of common interest for the benefits of both parties. Some of the areas of collaboration envisaged and included on the signed MoU are: staff and student exchange, joint research and publication and training (both short and long term).

The Chancellor of TUMS, Prof. Dr. Jafarian promised to help in strengthening the skilled man power of JU and he said that based on a specific agreement, a place to admit students can be reserved if JU identifies its need and submits a request proposal. Collaboration in research projects, according to Dr. Jafarian can be initiated by choosing the priority areas and determining the focal points. On the occasion, Professor Fikre extended invitation to the Chancellor and other TUMS Officials to visit JU in near future. Most importantly, the over view of JU was presented for the attendees by Mr. Ermyas Admasu.

The delegate has also visited several schools and facilities of the TUMS where they were warmly welcomed and discussions were held on the possible areas of collaboration with the deans, vice deans and individual professors of the respective schools. Few of such schools include: School of Allied Medical Sciences, School of Traditional Medicine, Schools of Pharmacy, School of Nursing and Midwifery, School of Public Health, School of Dentistry and Children’s Medical Center.

Signing MoU with Universal Scientific Education and Research Network (USERN)

USERN was initiated with a goal to build a secure and valid network of researchers, students and pioneers in all areas of science, to facilitate authentic, ethical and professional research and education and consequently advancement of science. The network is expanding its membership and activities. There is a congress being organized annually in different member countries in rotation. Publishing books is also another activity done by USERN. After the explanation about the aim of USERN, MoU was signed by the President of JU, Prof. Fikre Lemessa and Dr. Nima Rezaei, the President and founder of USERN. In this regard, JU became the first member of USERN from Ethiopia. On the occasion Prof. Fikre underlined that USERN is a very important gate way to connect with world class scholars and JU will definitely mobilize its staff members to join and actively engage in the network.

Visiting AmirKabir University of Technology (AUT)

Even though the plan was to visit TUMS, the delegates managed to visit and discussed with another well-known university in Iran, known as AMIRKABIR University of Technology (AUT) in Tehran.  The Possibility of working together and train technology students at this university was discussed. Further discussion and signing of a MoU is planned in the future. AUT Officials showed a keen interest to work with Jimma University, which the President has also said capacity building in technology fields is one of the priorities of his university.

Visiting Students’ Dormitory

After the Official visit was over, the President of JU gave attention to Ethiopian students currently studying at TUMS and paid a visit to their dormitory. He encouraged the students to study hard and gain good skill and knowledge to serve their country when they complete their study and return Home.  The students who met the President both during the official visit at TUMS and the dormitory visit were also excited to meet the renowned university’s president and those who do not have commitment back Home and studying on their own showed great interest to join Jimma University as a staff and serve at the university with their capacity. Currently 23 Ethiopian students are studying at the TUMS.

Source: JU 
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